Sunday, September 19, 2010

My MEPT to ZL land through short and long path

Today was very special for my tests. This morning Peter ZL2IK from Northland, New Zealand, sent me a reception report through the QRSS Knights Mailing List and he was writing the following:

“Hi Knights and George

Within the last 24 hours I have received George SV8GXC on the Long Path, via the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and on the Short Path via the Middle East/Indian Ocean/and Australia. See attached grabs, taken overnight my time…”

Long path from SV to ZL

Short path from SV to ZL

With the help of DX Atlas software (by Alex VE3NEA), I was able to calculate the actual distance between my grid locator (KM17uw) and Peter’s ZL2IK grid locator (RF74ci). The distances for short and long paths are 17376km and 22628km. Based on the facts that my MEPT’s transmitting power is only 160mW and that ZL2IK is my longest DX, Peter’s new long path reception increased my personal KPW (Km Per Watt) score from 108600 KPW to 141425 KPW. Thanks Peter!

SP and LP distances on DX Atlas

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